Cameras lie

I can't love my short piggish little nose, my puffy wrinkly eyes, my visible veins, my stuck out ears, or my chubby face. I can't love my disproportionately narrow hips or the cellulite at the bottom of my itty bitty butt. Not my hip dips, my frizzy hair, or my big forehead.

Nothing will teach you gratitude faster than going without

I hate my local supermarket

Or you go to Cap'n'Cave and enter into a pre-historic era of cavemen fighting each other for the last strip of butchered deer meat. It starts as you walk in the door where there is never a basket to be seen. You must decide between a trolley that could potentially be an embarrassing overkill, or desperately clutching everything to your chest praying that it holds out till you get to the tills.