Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

My relationship ended.

This didn’t just mean that I no longer had a boyfriend. It meant I lost my home, any sense of stability and security, and the life I had been building with a man I met at 18. My entire adult life until this point had centered around him and trying to create a home and life for ourselves.

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Harry Styles and Female Fanbases

A couple of days ago, the new Harry Styles feature for Rolling Stone was released. Titled ‘The Eternal Sunshine of Harry Styles’ it’s a well written, and lengthy, article that anybody would have trouble criticizing. Which is why I’m not going to criticize it.

Harry has spoken before about having a predominantly female fanbase, and he does it again now.

We’re so past that dumb outdated narrative of ‘Oh, these people are girls, so they don’t know what they’re talking about.’ They’re the ones who know what they’re talking about. They’re the people who listen obsessively.

This is what I’ve been mulling over myself for a very long time.

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Where are my roots?

It’s important for people to have roots. To have a place that is home, a place where your people are and where you have a solid history and life. Where we come from creates a large part of our identities.

I’ve moved so many times in my life that I’ve lost count. Including the time I disappeared from my high school and took off to live with my dad… and then did the exact same thing four months later. Continue reading Where are my roots?

Dating with a chronic illness/disability

For those of us who live lives changed by chronic illness or disability, visible or invisible, dating can be made doubly hard. As a teenager, when the way we view ourselves and others is so affected by peers, and as an adult when there are expectations in relationships – marriages, families, double incomes – it throws a spanner in already complicated works. Continue reading Dating with a chronic illness/disability

Working Catastrophe

I got my first job when I was 16, a year after an impromptu interview for the said job. I was so excited and grateful for this magical opportunity, and the money it came with (which was below min wage by the way) that it didn’t immediately register with me what I had signed up for.

Before I continue, I would like to point out I did not receive any official training there beyond the very basic functions of the sales program on the computer. I guess they thought I was clever enough to figure it out on my own. They soon realised their mistake. Continue reading Working Catastrophe

Cameras lie

I am on a mission to love myself. Truly and completely. This means investing time to take care of myself- good face masks, taking care of my hair, taking all of my medicine and supplements. But it also means letting go of some things. Like straightening my hair obsessively, always ready to run from any water because god forbid I get frizz or my natural curls are revealed. Straightening my hair for three hours every week does not make me happy. Hearing people tell me how much better I look with straight hair does not make me happy. Continue reading Cameras lie

My cat is a hardened criminal

This beautiful kitten is named Lupin, and affectionately known to us as ‘The Shnoops”. Look at his little face. He’s just chilling in his box. What a darling.


EXCEPT HE ISN’T. The Shnoop is a hardened criminal.

He sits in these boxes, for these perfectly posed pictures, and it’s all a ruse. A clever disguise so that nobody will ever believe us when we tell people ‘The Way of The Shnoop”.

You can bet that he is an absolute angel when visitors come. He must keep up appearances after all.


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Semester 1/6

The years first semester is about to finish in about a week, which I have off thanks to my doctor. I was studying last year as well, but this year has been the first year of my actual Bachelor’s degree, and it has gone infinitely worse than last year. So. Much. Worse.

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