First Fortnight

A brief overview of the past couple of weeks. On the 30th of January I moved into my room in the student apartments on campus. The first week was so lonely, nobody else had really moved in yet, and the people that had I never saw anywhere. I could just hear them in the middle … Continue reading First Fortnight


Student Loans

As it stands right now, after my first semester at uni this year, I will be somewhere between 10-15 thousand dollars in debt (roughly). Not including accommodation loans as I’m not eligible for some reason. If I continue into the second semester, it will climb to around 20 k+. I don’t want to start off … Continue reading Student Loans

Boredom :/

Even though I am definitely not a trained professional or in any other position to tell you about this with any authority, and ‘this’ is just my experience, I’m going to talk about it anyway. Just because. If you’re anything like me, you get bored very very easily. Seriously, if I’m not being challenged ALL … Continue reading Boredom :/