There Is A Difference.

Little rant.

When I say that I’m tired, and you say “So am I, deal with it” you are failing to understand that tired as a normal healthy person, and tired as a chronically ill person, are two totally different things. We are experiencing two entirely different types of ‘tired’.

No matter how  little sleep you say you got it is not the same thing. Stop trying to insist that you might possibly understand the type of exhaustion that comes with unending illnesses, and be grateful that you don’t experience it. “I’m sure it’s not that bad” or “You’re exaggerating” or “How can you be tired you haven’t done anything particularly hard all day” are the most irritating things to hear, because you don’t know and you probably won’t. So shut up. Just zip it.

You don’t experience the constant temperature fluctuations, the side effects of medication,  the constant monitoring of your condition(s), the close to useless immune system, or the side effects of the condition itself.

Don’t talk about something that you don’t understand.


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