Female Fans — My First Vinyl

Whether it’s as a musician or as a fan, girls always have to work harder to prove themselves. Today I’m focusing on the fan side. See: ‘fangirls’. via Female Fans — My First Vinyl


Writers Block????

I haven’t been able to write (and finish) anything creative in so so long. Not only is it frustrating, it’s also really upsetting. I’ve always been first and foremost a writer, it’s like one of my defining personality traits. But the metaphorical well of ideas has dried up. Nothing quite like being a writer without … Continue reading Writers Block????

Whales: Prisoners for Entertainment — Cristian Mihai

Originally posted on Writings from the Heart: Killer whales. Orcas. Synonyms for a single species. Both refer to the whale that is in the news right now. The whale from Seaworld that beached itself on the Canary Islands in a water park pool. Her name is Morgan and she is a captive who swims around… via … Continue reading Whales: Prisoners for Entertainment — Cristian Mihai


To My 10 Year Old Self

It is your eighteenth birthday in half an hour, that milestone you’ve been waiting your whole life for just because you were told that you should. In a few months, little me, your life is going to get very difficult. I won’t lie to you. It’ll get seemingly impossible for a long time. But as … Continue reading To My 10 Year Old Self


On Anxiety

  I have had severe anxiety since I was 11. It wasn’t diagnosed officially until I was sixteen, and got given medication for it just after my seventeenth birthday. The only reason I was approved for medication was because my anxiety was affecting my concentration in school; not because it was cripplingly debilitating and limited … Continue reading On Anxiety


What To Say When You Find Out Your Kid’s A Rapist — Discover

“So, in his letter, Dan Turner drones on about how his son’s life is ruined now… Basically, he said everything except ‘my god, what have I done.’ And in so doing, we all know exactly how Brock became the man he became. He became the man he was raised to be.” via What To Say When … Continue reading What To Say When You Find Out Your Kid’s A Rapist — Discover


Short story #2- Amelia

    Amelia Something has occurred to me, as I sit in my room on my ward in this hospital. I know nothing sensible could possibly occur to me but I need to get this off my chest. You see Amelia, I don’t actually know if I’m seeing things or not. I hear things, and … Continue reading Short story #2- Amelia