Writers Block????

I haven’t been able to write (and finish) anything creative in so so long. Not only is it frustrating, it’s also really upsetting. I’ve always been first and foremost a writer, it’s like one of my defining personality traits. But the metaphorical well of ideas has dried up.

Nothing quite like being a writer without anything to write about huh? Like trying to climb a flight of stairs when the first ten steps are missing. I was putting the lack of ideas down to my being in correspondence school and thus never ever leaving my room for about three years straight, but I’m no longer in correspondence and I still don’t have any solid actual ideas. Bittersweet was a story that wrote itself in the space of about four minutes when I was fourteen, that I’ve only been able to physically write the ending of. I wrote Amelia last year, but it was based off a prompt ‘now you see it now you don’t’ (it being the people/voices that Daisy is hearing) and I’m just frustrated.

I used to write full on books and I just don’t have solid enough foundations for anything to write about and I kind of want to scream and kind of want to light all my empty notebooks on fire, since right now they’re just sitting on my various bookshelves and mocking me.

I have plenty of dreams every single night that I could easily write down and turn into a story, but I just can’t, it always seems just too big and I never know where to start. But short stories actually frustrate me because short stories that I write are just snippets of a larger piece that I’m too overwhelmed by to attempt to write. Does that count as writers block? Or should I just stop using ‘writing’ as a hobby on resume’s and the like?

I’m sure this must be a common problem but sometimes it just does NOT feel that way.


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