Patchwork People

Does it ever seem like parts of your personality don’t match up to your life and/or experiences? Like the random splash of colour on a monochromatic scheme (didn’t mean for that to be so dark) or kind of like you’re made up of patchwork traits that come from your alternate selves.

I think of these traits as snippets from my ‘parallel existences’ if you will. The five other lives that I feel I should have had, as they’d make more sense and match up better with my personality.

For example my fundamental distrust of rich people belongs to the version of me that grew up IN the bad part of town rather than just next to it. Or my constant thirst for the typical summer-on-the-beach Teen Experience™, is only within the realm of possibility for the version of myself that remained in Australia as a toddler instead of returning home.  My bookish tendencies belong to the version of myself that went to the same fancy pricate school as my family.

All this is well and good until it makes you wonder about these ‘Other Lives’ that you could have been living based on somebody making a different decision ten years ago. Sometimes I wish we had stayed in australia and that I could have been that super tanned beachy me, or I wish that I had the life where I wasn’t sick and could enjoy being reckless.

Being a Patchwork Person is incredibly frustrating. I’m not complaining about the life I have at the moment- I love my family and have finally gotten my room almost perfect. But sometimes you can’t help but be curious.


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