Creators and Jobs

I’m a big believer in doing what you want to do and what will make you happy. Unfortunately nowadays it’s impossible to survive on twenty bucks here, and ten bucks there. So that makes it difficult for those of us who begin to suffocate at the mere thought of having some boring office job.

Of course this is all our fault because we’re entitled millennials who have no work ethic 😉

We all know this. But where to from here? We all know it’s ‘impossible and impractical’ to try and make a living off of arts, writing, painting, drawing, music, anything creative. That’s without reducing them in some form- becoming a journalist or music teacher for example when what you really want is to be an author or a musician. If you feel really strongly about it you can’t substitute what you really want with something that maybe involves the same topic.

So that’s where I’m at right now. I don’t want to do anything but write, and I don’t think I ever really have. What I have to figure out now is how to make it happen for me. Because that’s really my only option.

The only practical job I ever wanted was nursing. I was set and ready to start studying, but you have to sign a contract saying that you ‘don’t have any pre-existing medical conditions that may affect you or your patient’ (basically any type of illness). So that shot that down pretty quick.

Is it possible to just do what makes you happy? Is there a reasonable chance awarded to those who persevere through poverty and all that?


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