Sometimes it’s like I don’t exist to other people. They hardly exist to me after all, they are close but separate. Like theres a pane of soundproof glass in between me and other people and all I can do is watch people destroy themselves. It’s easy for me to say I could have helped them when everything is clearer in hindsight.

Like a war. Everybody is confused and scared but they always end the same. People die, it ends, and we pick ourselves up, add a few patches here and there and carry on.

I never understood war. It’s like the phrase “the pen is mightier than the sword”. War is the most sadistic counterproductive thing I could think of! Is it much more immediately satisfying to punch somebody in the face? Fuck yeah it is! But that only lasts for a day. The key to winning anything at all is to educate.

People are always going to oppose what they don’t understand.

The only people who are a threat is an idiot with power, or an intelligent man amongst sheep waiting to be herded. He may start off as a good man but it’s so much easier to tell somebody to do something than to do it yourself. Thus he becomes a dictator; dehumanising those working for him and becoming the idiot with power.


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