The Girl Behind The Veil

Once upon a time there was a little girl. Her hair fell around her in long, loose curls.

She floated around her whole life long, dreaming her dreams and singing her songs.

But soon the little girl found that her head was in the clouds, and other little girls kept their feet firmly on the ground.

She asked another little girl to play one day, and that girls’ voice came to her as though from very far away.

The voice left a dent, a shadow, a trace, on what the little girl decided was a veil hanging over her face.

She felt so much and still so little, she dreamed of running away with the cat and the fiddle.

There must be a veil all around her she thought, one so very clever that it would not be caught.

Try as she might to catch it unaware, still it lurked, reveling in her despair.

She wanted to feel the grass beneath her feet, and she wanted to taste what she sat down to eat.

To experience sensations just like others as young, she often came quite close, getting a taste at the tip of her tongue.

But yet the veil clung to her still, until it was more like a bubble that was making her ill.

It grew and it grew and it grew, eventually the little girl gave up on ever breaking through.

She sat in her bubble that only she saw, whilst other children played and on the breeze floated their calls.

As the bubble grew stronger it began to float. The little girl didn’t even notice when she passed the pretty blue boat.

Our tale could continue, it could and it should, through snowy mountains and dark old woods,

But the truth is the little girl floated astray. For all we know, she remains out there to this very day.

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