Self-Imposed Standards

Right now I think that there’s a huge focus on body positivity in pop culture, particularly in supporting and uplifting others. Which is wonderful and good for everyone, however personally I have never once looked at somebody and even paid attention to their outward appearance. I notice, sure, but I don’t go looking for flaws or comparing them to others. But I do compare myself. I go over myself with a fine tooth comb, over and over and over. I hold myself to an impossible standard, nor can I forgive myself for every single little flaw I have. 

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who is always trying to reach an impossible level of perfection. But I’m well aware that I don’t actually consider other peoples outwards appearance, and that nobody else gives a damn about mine.

Why do we find our own flaws to be totally unforgiveable? Because outward appearances are inevitably tied to other peoples impressions of us. It matters. It’s like on a base biological level we are aware that our appearance semi-dictates where we stand on the social hierarchy.

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