Student Loans

As it stands right now, after my first semester at uni this year, I will be somewhere between 10-15 thousand dollars in debt (roughly). Not including accommodation loans as I’m not eligible for some reason. If I continue into the second semester, it will climb to around 20 k+.

I don’t want to start off my adult life struggling to pay my board and already several thousand dollars in debt. How’s that for a starting point? Continue reading



I am a strange mixture of laid back and high strung. But even at my most carefree and blissful, I thrive on chaos and madness.

My absolute favorite form of chaos is the part when the whole place goes dark right before the act comes on at a concert, that’s a rush I live for.

Crazy, dramatic, insane things happening fuel me. Isn’t life just better when it’s interesting? That’s when there’s something to do, something to think about, and usually an objective to work towards. I don’t mean times when something really serious and awful happens of course, those times are just draining.

Life should be interesting, and the more interesting the better. ‘Chaos’ could be a small fight at school during lunch, which is over in five minutes. Or it can be when each and every single person that happens to be in the same group at the same time collectively goes insane. The latter is the most fun.