Student Loans

As it stands right now, after my first semester at uni this year, I will be somewhere between 10-15 thousand dollars in debt (roughly). Not including accommodation loans as I’m not eligible for some reason. If I continue into the second semester, it will climb to around 20 k+.

I don’t want to start off my adult life struggling to pay my board and already several thousand dollars in debt. How’s that for a starting point?

Currently where I’m going to be living this year is up in the air. I need to be living in student accommodation for a lot of reasons, but I don’t have 200 dollars a week for board, and extra for food, travel, etc. My parents are desperate to talk me into going onto the benefit. (I think it’s called the dole in other countries) but I shouldn’t have to fall back onto government benefits just because I’m not eligible for a loan big enough to stop me from starving or being homeless.

I feel like it’s fair to have to pay for accommodation. I’d rather it was a little less seeing as it’s non-catered, but it’s fair. I haven’t quite decided where I stand on the costs of the actual courses, and I don’t have any suggestions as to making it more affordable, all I can say is that just because I’m not at all wealthy, doesn’t mean that I should have to start my adult life stressed out about paying back a loan that I had to take out just to get an education/qualification that I very well may not ever be able to use.


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