The universal (read: first world) problem: looking good in the mirror, but not in photos. This used to be a mild annoyance before social media and selfies, now it’s an unforgiveable sin.

There are people who look good in photos, and people who don’t. But even the people who look unbelievable on camera don’t look half as good there as they do in real life. ad_126961426.jpgTake Kate Middleton for instance. We can all agree she’s beautiful right? Absolutely stunning, and yes photogenic. However I once saw her in a parade in cambridge New Zealand, and ever since then any photos can’t even compare to how beautiful she is in real life! It’s like she glows, and that’s impossible to get on camera.

Another example, the cute boy on campus (who I have yet to be brave enough to speak
to). Gorgeous, magical, looks like a rockstar on drugs just before they crash and burn. But in photos he looks entirely average.

So what is it? Is it our ‘air’, the way we carry ourselves, our expression, our moods? I think that maybe it has a lot to do with the fact that in real life we are able to perceive moods, and personalities, or simply ‘vibes’.

None of this helps me look cute enough to update my facebook profile picture, but it makes me feel better about it that’s for sure.



First Fortnight

A brief overview of the past couple of weeks.

On the 30th of January I moved into my room in the student apartments on campus. The first week was so lonely, nobody else had really moved in yet, and the people that had I never saw anywhere. I could just hear them in the middle of the night. So I was completely alone in this unfamiliar place, and feeling a lot lonelier than I’ve ever felt doing correspondence schooling. It was hard. To be honest I was a little bit teary, especially when I got back after a weekend at my parents house.

My course started on the 8th, lots of orientation type programs with everybody in my certificate umbrella, which is where I met everybody and made friends and saw people I already knew which was a nice surprise. That made it so so much easier. My first class was great and I’ve since developed the habit of hanging out in the student hub with friends. Night before last I even made friends with two of the girls I’m living with, and we had a long chat in the kitchen and shared ice cream. Suddenly the apartments feel like a home. Funny how that works isn’t it.

It’s hard being dropped into an unfamiliar situation, away from home with nobody around and also no money. But I couldn’t even consider giving up, this certificate is costing way too much and sometimes when you do things out of instinct you can’t seriously think about doing anything else.

The problem now  is to actually pass the certificate, pass our national college (high school) qualifications as well, and find a way to fund a degree at an overseas university (a long time dream of mine). Fingers crossed the next two weeks keep going well!