As a self-confessed Lush lover, I feel quietly confident in my knowledge of their products. That’s not to say I’ve tried every single one of them because frankly, I don’t know anybody who could afford that!

I’m dedicated to lush for two main reasons: they’re ethically and socially responsible, and their products don’t irritate my super sensitive skin (usually). Because I have an unusual and chronic form of Eczema if I can find even some soap that doesn’t make my skin fall off, (gross I know) there is not much I won’t do for it.

It also happens that I’m very passionate about the fact that Lush makes more than just the famous bath bombs. (sidenote: golden wonder will always be my favourite one and it’s only sold at Christmas which hurts my soul). So without further ado, here is my completely unqualified list of favourite lush products-that aren’t bath bombs in no particular order.

*ingredients listed are not a complete list* *Also couldn’t use photos for legal reasons, unable to take my own right now as I’ve been separated from my lush stash*





  1. Curly Wurly: A semi-solid shampoo designed for curly girls like me, curly wurly is packed with coconut and coconut oils, papaya, linseed, and free range eggs. Super nourishing for those of us with untameable curls!
  2. Damaged Hair Oil: I haven’t used the new version of this yet, but I imagine it can’t be that different from the one I did use, which smelt absolutely divine and made my hair positively brag-worthy. It contains extra virgin olive oil, almond oil, avocado oil and vanilla absolute for the scent.
  3. Sleepy: Ohhhh boy. This moisturiser is truly a godsend. I’m a chronic insomniac since ever, but the amount of lavender in this overpowered even me. Without my sleeping pills too! I used my first empty container of this for a pencil holder on my desk, which makes studying a lot calmer. It contains lavender water, oatmeal, tonka absolute and organic cocoa butter.
  4. Honeytrap: My entire day depends on having this with me. I haven’t been able to use another lip balm ever since I first tried it and got hooked on its delicious honey-vanilla-white chocolate flavour. That sounds kinda gross, but it is the most delicious lip balm I will ever come across. Shea butter, almond oil, vegan white chocolate and beeswax make for the yummiest, and most effective lip balm there is.
  5. Prince: Technically, I believe this shaving cream was intended for beard-havers, which is why I suggested it to my step-father in order to give him reasons to take me to lush when I didn’t have a license. It worked, and he still uses it religiously to this day, but I am known to swipe a bit every now and then, for shaving. Witch hazel, organic cocoa butter, neroli oil and mandarin oil all work together to give off a pleasant smell for a rather tedious job. As well as, you know, moisturizing and prepping skin for hair removal and all that.
  6. Skin drink: While I don’t actually own this product, I did nick my sister-in-law’s while I was caring for the baby nephew for a couple of weeks and was stuck without my normal moisturiser. It nourished my skin much much more than my normal product would, and gave me an even, and healthy glow which is much appreciated. It contains sesame oil, fresh avocado, aloe vera, and evening primrose oil.
  7. Catastrophe Cosmetic: A long-standing beauty staple of mine. Thanks to my paleness and eczema, I am prone to my fair share of redness. This mask is velvety, smells delicious, and calms my skin right down, using blueberries, calamine, and chamomile.
  8. Oatifix: My second must-have face mask. Oatmeal, illipe oil and banana make a lovely combination of ingredients perfect for nourishing even the dryest of skins. I also love the scent of it, which probably comes from its vanilla, sandalwood, and gardenia components.
  9. Angels on bare skin: It took me a while to get the hang of this one. It comes as a solid little ball, and you have to break off a bit and mix it into a paste in your hand before applying. It doesn’t take more than two seconds, the same amount of time it takes to spread out a normal cleanser. But this cleanser is so good I would willingly perform a worship ritual pre-use, TBH. Although it contains a lot of solid bits after being pastified, it’s so gentle and makes my skin so smooth and beautiful that it is worth every single dollar. According to the featured description, this cleanser owes its success to lavender, kaolin, rose water, and almond milk. It’s based on a medieval recipe, and I think it more than stands the test of time.


That’s it for my incomplete, in-no-order, photoless list of lush favourites. I hope my opinion provided some insight, but remember that everybody has different skin and will have different experiences with products. This was not sponsored by Lush either, I just really really really love them!

Stay gold.


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