Queen of the parking-lot-reset

Last Saturday night I found myself sat in the driver’s seat of my car, wedged between two other much flashier cars, in a Dominos parking lot, crying into a couple of loaves of garlic bread and listening to sad Elton John songs.


Now, it is important to remember; I am 19 years old and have not got a single miniscule ounce of my life in order. They also gave me the wrong thick shake.


In hindsight; the reason I thought I was crying uncontrollably was actually not the reason at all. I thought I was crying because my boyfriend missed a job opportunity. In actuality, I was crying because everything is terrible and I can’t afford to get my hair cut without feeling guilty and I’m tired.

I wasn’t heartbroken, there was no life-altering disaster, nothing really wrong. 

Sometimes you just need a good sob.

Stay gold~


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