As a full-time student, I find it difficult to scrape together funds (or energy or a will to live). Also as it’s going into winter, I’m pretty cold. Really cold. So the initial bright idea was to go the second-hand shops in search of some replacement chairs and more importantly, a cheap heater.

I ended up getting neither of those things. (I did eventually get a mini fan heater from my beloved Kmart for twenty dollars)

In fact, three of my six purchases were small objects, BUT three were clothing items, two of which are warm so actually, I think I did pretty well,  especially considering my track record with impulse buying.

I think second-hand shopping is really good in terms of saving SO MUCH money and improving our consumption of resources. There are things I wouldn’t buy from a second-hand shop like pillows or toys, but most clothes or dining ware or books are perfectly fine to shop for second-hand and I definitely recommend it.

Here is my mini-haul~


1: Mint green light jumper

apc_0103So you know when you’re running around in winter wearing a really really heavy coat, and then you get really hot but all you had to wear underneath was a singlet or a sheer blouse? I figured that this would be a really good in-between layer. It’s cute, it’s brighter than a lot of dreary winter colours and it will keep you warmer than the singlet on its own. I got this for $5 at a nearby second-hand shop! It looks baby blue in the picture but its slightly greener in real life.





2: Jay Jays waistcoat

apc_0102I had been looking for a casual waistcoat to wear over my white button up blouse with a chunky belt, aiming for a more 90’s look with the risk of looking a little 2007. I haven’t tested this outfit yet, but this was only $3 so it’s not a huge loss if it doesn’t work out. It also has a really cute floral lining which excites me.







3: Heavy faux fur lined coat

apc_0101This coat was from a different op-shop, and cost me $14. It has a detachable ‘fur’ lining, which is attached with gorgeous embossed buttons which I only noticed after I bought it, and I think I love them the most. It fits me like a glove, even with the fur in, which is exciting because most things are too big for me. I’ve had a couple coats where the fur is removable and I took it out to promptly lose because it makes the coats a little too heavy for me, and I’m not really a fan of fur at all, fake or not. But it’s still a really nice coat and so worth $14.




4: Marilyn Monroe book

apc_0105I am a fan of MM, I’m steadily adding her movies to my iTunes library when I can spare the money, and I think she was the most beautiful woman who was very underestimated in terms of her intelligence and talent. This was $10, which is really cheap compared to brand new books, especially photo album books! I haven’t had a chance to do more but skim through it very quickly, it’s not where I’m staying right now so I’m assuming its in my room on campus or at my parent’s place. But I was so excited to find this I bought it without a second thought.




5&6: Chuck Berry and a top 20

apc_0106I  found these a couple of weeks ago while I was spending some time with my Dad. They were $1 each, and annoyingly I can’t play them because my record player isn’t hooked up to any speakers and we’re moving soon. I recognised a lot of the Chuck Berry songs from a different record I have from a cover band but I’ve never  heard the originals, and the top 20 caught my eye because of Rod Stewarts Maggie May, and I Think I Love You by the Partridge Family, for which I hold a secret guilty pleasure space in my heart. Two records, two bucks.

These purchases were all spread out over different shops and dates, so it’s only kind of a haul, but nobody cares so it’s whatever. The total cost of this haul: 34 dollars. Thank you for reading

Stay gold~


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