Is it giving up?

Is it giving up if you change your mind? Is it giving up if you’re unsure? What do you have to do to prove to everybody that it isn’t because you couldn’t do something, it’s because you don’t want to? 

Is that an excuse you tell yourself? ‘I just don’t want to’. Is that a good enough reason? At what point does it become a valid reason to stop doing something? Once you start something, are you obligated to see it through? If you keep going back to it, does that mean it’s what you should be doing? Even if you never finish it because you lose the passion for it?

These are questions I ask myself a lot. Particularly around mid-year, so now I have the added question; is it worth it to give up now?

I wonder where the line is drawn when it comes to making pros and cons lists. Am I too old to make those lists? Are they ridiculous ways to approach large decisions?

Will the shame of quitting dampen the happiness I am trying to achieve?


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One thought on “Is it giving up?

  1. Honestly just follow your heart because life is too short to hang around on what ifs. Everything will work itself out. Clique as fuck but “Its the journey not the destination” – Unknown


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