Patchwork People

Does it ever seem like parts of your personality don't match up to your life and/or experiences? Like the random splash of colour on a monochromatic scheme (didn't mean for that to be so dark) or kind of like you're made up of patchwork traits that come from your alternate selves. I think of these … Continue reading Patchwork People


Female Fans — My First Vinyl

Whether it’s as a musician or as a fan, girls always have to work harder to prove themselves. Today I’m focusing on the fan side. See: ‘fangirls’. via Female Fans — My First Vinyl

On Anxiety

  I have had severe anxiety since I was 11. It wasn’t diagnosed officially until I was sixteen, and got given medication for it just after my seventeenth birthday. The only reason I was approved for medication was because my anxiety was affecting my concentration in school; not because it was cripplingly debilitating and limited … Continue reading On Anxiety

Victim Blaming

Victim Blaming: when somebody blames abuse/sexual assault etc on the person that suffered the abuse. Victim blaming most commonly occurs surrounding rape cases. Usually three key sentences come into play "She was asking for it" "Well what was she wearing?" "She's probably lying, she's such a slut anyway right?" and so on. (Please note this … Continue reading Victim Blaming